This blog will be what I hope a record of all the endless transitions this machine I live within shall go through over the years.

A dreamer who enjoys thinking about the abstract more than it is considered healthy. An engineering student who is swimming in the wrong stream right now. But, there are diversions and I see an opportunity waiting for me in a year.

Online, I *used* to inhabit my alter ego, but over the years the differences between my real and my virtual persona have ceased to exist — not exactly sure whether that’s a good thing or bad, but I can’t complain.

I am the Features Editor at and write a variety of features on video-games criticism and also run a column “Reality or Illusion”. When it comes to writing, I’m told I’m good with cultural criticism and philosophical introspection of a different aspects of our life and society.

I’m open to freelancing for your site/publication as long as the topic interests me. If you want me to write about anything, feel free to contact through the details mentioned below.

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Twitter: lightnarcissus