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Pride & Prejudice.

Pipe Dreams

I’ve never had an opinion about hospitals. You know how some people are scared or just plain hate them because it’s associated with some painful memory? Well, I’ve never had any. My childhood was pretty normal, devoid of any major accidents, and the most serious injury involved a minor arm fracture that healed well in time before my exams (sadly). 

My grandmother, my Awwa was hospitalized yesterday. That is where I am right now. Looking around this depressingly white, small, sad room. Smelling all the weird smells that come and go. Thinking what it must be like to be her. To be all of ninety years. To be fragile, and weak, and have your wrinkly skin barely hang off your bones. To wear the thin, light purple gown the hospital gave you, and not care that it does not even cover your chest or legs properly. To have nurses poke…

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“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts” 

— Shakespeare


A fresh beginning. Pushing the “Reset” and clearing the memory on everything that once existed. Many of us wish for a fresh start, a renewed state of existence at some point of our life, but it isn’t supposed to be that easy.

Blogging, however is quite easy.

I have been accustomed to blogging on a certain site embedded within a community I’ve grown to cherish. A new beginning here does not indicate I’m cutting off all my ties to that place. I still intend on copy-pasting blogs related to gaming I write here on that site. I think I still owe them that much.

Like, I’ve said before my GameSpot exit shall only happen when the 3-4 people I care about on that site stop blogging on it. That’s when I shall sign off once and for all too.


This person he was looking at was a stranger to him, as mysterious as the oddities of life. Yet every time he gazed at him, he felt the layers coalescing the stranger’s being beginning to unravel. Every time he thought he had finally understood all there was to understand, the truth would blur out of shape and recognition. 

What a devious mirror!



People tend to do this kind of thing in their first blog.

Fuck people.

I’ll tell you exactly what you can expect from this blog : More of me — elaborated.

Most of you who read this might be coming off my Twitter page, so you might be well-aware of the kind of topics I tend to touch every now and then.

For those who know me from elsewhere, my blogs shall primarily revolve around my opinions. This isn’t a personal journal nor a travelogue (even if the journey happens to be life). Those aspects will feature but not too prominently. Opinions — on movies, games, books, music — you get the idea.

I’ll naturally be blogging more about other forms than I did previously on GameSpot for obvious reasons — the inclination of readers on this blog towards different spheres gives me freedom to write about varying topics.

In addition to those, there will be a number of blog series that focus on a specific topic. I haven’t thought through all the possible avenues regarding this but the few I have include:

Beyond the Pixels and Code Where I talk about the intricacies of games — new and old, from a design point of view. I’ve been studying a lot of books about game design in my free-time, so I look forward to making observations on certain games in these blogs. These observations can take the form of essays or elaborate arguments (point and counter-point)

Interlude: These will feature some pieces of my experimental writing that I’ve began working on lately. The core idea and concept behind this will be elaborated on the inaugural blog of this series.

Culture Rant : Where I criticize about certain aspects of a culture — specific or general. Rather than being a pointless rant, like I often do on my Twitter, I shall also try to analyze the possible psychological/socio-economic reasons behind why people of a specific culture or group behave the way as they do. This isn’t a professional opinion, just someone who has a keen interest in human culture and psychology.

In the Witness Box:  Where I explain my stance — mostly a controversial one, on a particular topic in a clear, more elaborate manner, no longer bound by the 140 character limit.

That is all I have thought of thus far.

Mind you, only specific blogs will be a part of the above-mentioned series. You will know from the prefix of the blog title whether it is part of any blog series or not.

With that, I hope this has been an introduction which has made you look forward to reading some of my blogs. If not, I certainly hope the future blogs make you a convert.

I’ll end it for now with that.

Oh! Before I go, I forgot to ask one very important thing:

How have all of you been? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you. I hate lying. I missed you.

With that Entry, I now take a temporary respite.


— Ansh